Emergent Cohorts meeting March 10

So it has been a month since the last cohort meeting.

LAST MEEETING: A couple people called and couldn't make it and so it was Bob, Caroline and Troy. Caroline and Troy shared the experience of new communities gathering, the formation around mission, and the need for regular discussions/support. You have got to hear about the ART AS AID benefit that Caroline's community, Mosaic, put on!

Directions to the Brickstore Pub

So for this Thursday let's revisit Generous Orthodoxy chapters 17,18,19 and then make plans for what we'll move into for April.

Jason, If your coming, how about some highlites from San Diego?


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  1. # Blogger JMalec

    Boogers, Troy. I can't make it tomorrow. I've got it on my calendar, though, and will make every effort to be there next month (April 14?). I'll have another cat in tow who's been wanting to join the conversation. Oh, you met him. Justin, the musician. He's been wanting to connect with you.

    Hope you're well. I'll bring some fodder from EC/SD. Grenz/McClaren were a bright combination. More on that...  

  2. # Blogger lilly

    hey troy..liked your comments on the emergent blog, looking forward to meeting you at WALP. glad to know that there is new life in hotlanta outside the big church box! have a great week and great easter too. lilly lewin  

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