Our Interconnected God's Interconnected World, Jan 31

There is a rise in public discussion over the connections we share with everything around us. Bring desserts and snacks and connect over coffee this Tuesday night from 8-10pm.

This perspective is as old as Hebrew views of creation, 3rd and 6th century views of the trinity, and as recent as social theories of system relationships and quantum physics. I recently met Dwight Friesen a pastor of a Christ-Commons community in Seattle, professor at Mars Hill graduate school and Emergent friend. He has written The Divine Dance as the Hermeneutical Key to Ontology and Revelation, an article on the theology of the trinity and how perspectives of the interrelatedness of the trinity affect our views on revelation and our views of God's relationship to the universe.

This Tuesday we will meet at IF Coffee in Little Five Points to discuss this reading (directions). I am hoping people can come with questions for the group in the following three areas:

1. How might the theology of the Divine Dance affect our views of youth ministry?
2. How might the theology of the Divine Dance affect our views of denominationalism and ecumenism?
2. How might the theology of the Divine Dance affect our understanding of Atlanta's Beltline Project?
3. How might the theology of the Divine Dance affect our views on physics, science, and Christian interaction with the world we live in (have you seen the movie What the Bleep do We know!?

Ken Evans, who came to our last meeting, graciously offered this space. He will brew coffee (its quality, roasted himself) and bar the espresso machine. You and I need to supply the desserts and snacks. Its up to you and me...

So come having read the article, choosing one or more questions to follow up on, and with good desserts or snacks to share.



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