Church Basement Roadshow

Here are a couple flyers to print out or to forward through e-mail. Tony mentioned on the phone the other day that word of mouth and promotion within church groups has been essential to a good turnout.

If your joining us from Re:CONNECT or Jesus For President. Welcome! You can join the atlanta emergent cohort email list by emailing: troybronsink at mac dot com.

Volunteers NEEDED for Church Basement Roadshow

Hey ATLiens,

We need volunteers for the Church Basement Roadshow on Sunday, July 27th.

Here is a list of things we need for the show:

1. buy keg(s), preferably of something like Sweetwater 420--no idea how many peeps, yet.

2. buy cups, cokes, water, Toilet paper, purell bottles, and ice

3. bring coolers

4. buy pop corn and pop corn oil and pop corn bags (B-Complex has huge movie theater popper--Restaurant Supply store on Ellsworth is great for this).

5. collect cover donations (the event is free, cover is donation only)

6. sell merchandise (meghan coffee's CDs and the guys' books).

7. a person who can be goto for sound board/electric/bathroom issues.

8. two folks at a time to sell beer and refreshments (the proceeds go to innocence atlanta).

Since the Atlanta show is not sponsored by any one church, it'll take our grassroots efforts to make sure the show runs smoothly.

In terms of finance, the plan is that those who spent money buying foodstuffs and supplies will be reimbursed. If there are leftover items, we ask that you return the items for your money back. Therefore, please keep all your receipts.

Please email me at jadanzzyatgmaildotcom or leave a comment if you'd like to help out.



Evenings of July 18,19
at Community Fellowship Church, 1766 Lakewood Ave. SE Atlanta, GA 30315
info at www.re-connect.us (note it is dot "US")
7-9 pm each night

re:CONNECT is a collective of city minded seekers of Jesus joined for a one time event invented to accomplish two simple things. After we're done we'll pack up our tents and you'll never hear from us again ('kinda like eHarmony for faith and action). We're sure that many folks have already met, and that there are already great organizations and networks underway- we just wanted to do our part to stir it up a bit more. Oh, and we have the help of some great friends of city justice, Shane Claiborne (author of Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President) and Chris Haw. Claiborne and Haw's tour has been met with huge attendance as high as 1000 people in some locations and featured on CNN. Re-connect's two aims are:

1. to connect Christians to hands-on justice opportunities in or near their Atlanta neighborhood
2. to set up generative friendships between Christians who live and worship inside Atlanta.

Friday night from 7-9 there will be a conversation covering Atlanta's issues of Education, Environmentalism, Education, Housing, and Human Sex Trafficking held in the form of a panel discussion, a drama presentation and group discussion.

Saturday evening from 7-9 will be the Jesus For President Tour wrapped up by a music coffee house session to get to know your neighbors and fellow seekers of the Jesus way.

check out this video from CNN on the tour.

Our cohort is co-sponsoring "Re:Connect" with many partners including Innocence Atlanta, Community Fellowship Church, The Living Room, Sub-Urban.org , Evangelical Environmental Network, Church as Art, Kid Cultivators, Roov, and the Jesus For President tour.

Click here to see the recent piece on Shane Claiborne on CNN.

Space is going to be an issue for both nights. If you know where to get a hold of video equipment for close circuit TV/projection contact melvin.

Contact Jeff if you want to join his students in volunteering with parking, hospitality, or any other expertise you may want to bring.

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