Sin and what's s'pposed to be

"Everything is supposed to be different here" (Danny Glover as Mac in the movie Grand Canyon)

But, given our context and place in the tapestry of history, can things be different? ....should things be different? ....even better? Is this incongruence an evidence of sin? How is sin even defined? Is it solely an individual matter between God and the person or does it affect the community? Should we - even can we- take part in the restoration? Is there a restorative role for the church? Should restoration toward "the way things can be" inform the mission of the church within the mission of God?

In preparation for Tuesday, here are a couple things to read and ponder:

"Not the Way it's S'pposed to be: A breviary of Sin" by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Psalm 51 (David's response to his sin with Bathsheba

We will be meeting at the Village Bakary and Tavern, a great Gernam Tavern, in Stone Mountain at 8 pm this Tuesday, September 25th. For directions to the Village Bakery and Tavern, click here.

Grace and Peace,


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