Just Education and Imagination- the emerging opportunties

We are gathering on Tuesday, June 26th at 8 pm at Ocatane Coffee Bar near Georgia Tech to discuss the relationship between education (public/private) and the emergent conversation. Doug Davis, an active member of the cohort and other emergent stuff as well as a professor at Georgia State will be leading our conversation. You can get the reading, "The Cult of Easy Answers," by emailing troybronsink@ms.com. Dr. Davis wrote this in response to policy issues surrounding the preparation of school administrators in Georgia; however, the issues presented and discussed are common and relevant across the current educational landscape. It should provide some interesting background for the discussion.

Here are some guiding topics and questions:
1. How might the emergent conversation include the raising of children?
2. What is the purpose and goal of education?
3. What is the value of public education and how does public education relate to key issues in the emergent conversation?
4. What are the key issue in public education and how might one support improved educational policies and practice?

Octane Coffee Bar
1009-B Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

I hope you all can come on Tuesday.


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