Emergent Cohort member, Will Cordis, is helping us with this month's conversation. We will be meeting, as usual, the last Tuesday of the month (feb 26) from 8-10pm ...


Here's Will's intro:

Think back for a moment to a time you tried to influence someone who resisted your efforts. How did it go? What adjectives would you use to describe the conversation? What, if any, effect did it have on your relationship? Do you think you made an impact? If you've been to a cohort meeting before how would you compare the that conversation with the kind you've experience at cohort meetings?

Last month we we began orbiting around the large issue of human sex trafficking in atlanta. This month we'll dive into a crucial subject of how to have meaningful conversations with Others about sch matters in ways that have real impact. Have we learned anything from our cohort conversations that can help us? What might we have to learn or unlearn in order to make a difference on this and other issues we are passionate about?


How (Not) to Speak of God by Peter Rollins (Section One)

A review of the book on The Church and Postmodern Culture blog

Two sermons by Samir Selmanovic
Courage, Apr 2006 (Audio/MP3)
Courage, Apr 2006 (Video/Low/RealPlayer)
Courage, Apr 2006 (Video/High/RealPlayer)

Finding Our God in the Other, Oct 2006 (Audio/MP3)
Finding Our God in the Other, Oct 2006 (Video/Low/RealPlayer)
Finding Our God in the Other, Oct 2006 (Video/High/RealPlayer)

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