As many of you know, I am planting a church in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. After a year of listening, observing and conversing, I now feel reading to offer a hopeful vision of what church might look like in the community in which I have become a part.

This week we will be launching two public events that you may be interested in knowing about. Books and Beans will be a six-week discussion of Jim Wallis' book, God's Politics and Holy Ground will be a gathering at my house to practice lectio divina from Luke's Gospel. If any of you who are connected with the Atlanta Emergent Cohort are interested you are most welcome to participate in these venues. Peace.

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Meeting with Abingdon-10/17

Atlanta Emergent Editors: Sorry for the delay on this post. I just got back from a mission trip I led to Mexico.

For those of you who have interacted with Scot McNight's new book, A Community Called Atonement, we will be having a meeting with representatives from Abingdon Press next Tuesday, October 17th. The meeting will last, as usual, from 8:00-10:00 PM. I hope that ya'll can make it.

We have reservations at Cantina La Casita in East Atlanta Village. We will be meeting on their patio since it is quieter out there.

Directions: Take the Downtown Connector to I-20 East. Take I-20 to Boulevard Ave (First Exit). Turn Right on Boulevard. Take an immediate Left onto Glenwood Ave. After about a mile you will cross Moreland Ave. After crossing over Moreland turn Right on Gersham Ave. They are located at 540 Gersham Ave in East Atlanta Village. They have lots of parking right next to the restaurant.

Their phone number is 404-622-8081 . Come hungry. La comida es muy bueno!

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You're a part of a bigger conversation, a bigger story of God's creation unfolding and realizing it's Creator's dreams in the clue of Jesus. Gather monthly to re-imagine how we can best participate locally in this conversation, story, dreams. This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments: to God in the way of Jesus, to the Church in all its Forms, to God's World, and to One Another. This is a theological conversation for any practitioners in the way of Jesus.

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