Emergent Cohort Thursday, May 12

Church, Gospel, and Culture

Apologies for the late reminder. We are meeting again this Thursday, May 12, from 2-4 at the the Brickstore Pub. We had an excellent discussion last month on the Henri Nouwen article, "Solitude, Community, and Ministry" and the concept of Pastor as Abbot.

This week we will discuss an Article by Missionary-Theologian, Leslie Newbigin entitled "Gospel and Culture." You can find this article for your personal study on Newbigin.net, and more specifically, third from the bottom of this page under the year 1990. I can't attach a particular link due to copyright laws but you can down load it and read it/print it out for the purposes of our discussion.

It is worth the time it will take to read it and I think it will generate some helpful questions for our group. An interesting factoid: this lecture was for the inauguration of a network in the UK that eventually branched into the US as well (GOCN) and worked with the Young Leaders Network to begin Emergent. I'm pretty sure you'll recognize some of the language and concepts.

Hope you can make it for great beer and conversation.


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You're a part of a bigger conversation, a bigger story of God's creation unfolding and realizing it's Creator's dreams in the clue of Jesus. Gather monthly to re-imagine how we can best participate locally in this conversation, story, dreams. This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments: to God in the way of Jesus, to the Church in all its Forms, to God's World, and to One Another. This is a theological conversation for any practitioners in the way of Jesus.

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