"Family" Picnic and New Ning Page!

In an effort to reimagine the cohort and make it more collaborative and participatory, we are moving away from using this blog and have started a Ning. From now on all news, events, etc. will be posted here. We invite you to join and be a part of the conversation and community. This is your opportunity to contribute your voice, ideas, or even step up and take an active role.

This Saturday, Oct 17, we are having an all-Atlanta emergence picnic. Come to party, meet some new co-conspirators, and be a part of a new, re-energized Atlanta cohort. (Also check it out on facebook).

We are looking to plan more parties/ networking events in the future, performance art/ theodrama/ alternative worship events, and even some good old fashioned speakers and discussion should the opportunity occur. Let us know what you think, and how you'd like to be involved.

About Us

You're a part of a bigger conversation, a bigger story of God's creation unfolding and realizing it's Creator's dreams in the clue of Jesus. Gather monthly to re-imagine how we can best participate locally in this conversation, story, dreams. This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments: to God in the way of Jesus, to the Church in all its Forms, to God's World, and to One Another. This is a theological conversation for any practitioners in the way of Jesus.

What is Emergent?

If you are interested in learning more about the larger movement we are a local expression of, visit Emergent Village.