Pete Rollins at Cohort

Hey all,

Here's the video I took of Pete Rollins speaking at the Emergent Cohort gathering at Tilt.

Here's the link to the video page: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4632330111572169104&hl=en

The sound quality isn't superb so it's best if you turn it up and wear headphones or something.


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You're a part of a bigger conversation, a bigger story of God's creation unfolding and realizing it's Creator's dreams in the clue of Jesus. Gather monthly to re-imagine how we can best participate locally in this conversation, story, dreams. This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments: to God in the way of Jesus, to the Church in all its Forms, to God's World, and to One Another. This is a theological conversation for any practitioners in the way of Jesus.

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