Cobb Gathering on July 14th: Prosperity Gospel

Come join Cobb Gathering Cohort conversation this Tuesday, July 14th, from 7 pm to 9 pm at Johnny MacCracken's, just off the Marietta Square.

We will dig into an interesting topic some of us were discussing on Twitter:

The Prosperity Gospel /Liberation Theology

This conversation started after someone shared a YouTube video clip from Cornerstone. It was from a panel discussion (which include Phyllis Tickle, though she is not mentioned in the description):

On the other hand . . . Any answers one might get to questions about the Evangelical future probably depends on whom they are asked. This year's program features several leading figures in the ongoing discussion, which we bring together in this session as a roundtable response to our keynote lecture. Participants include: Michael Spencer, author of a much-discussed article "The Coming Evangelical Collapse;" Soong-Chan Rah, author of the recent book The Next Evangelicalism, on demographic shifts in American Christianity; Tony Jones, a leading figure in the conversations about "the emergent church"; Sharon Gallagher, editor of Radix magazine; and Patrick Provost-Smith, who has been charting Evangelical shifts both as an academic and a consultant to international religious educators.

Watch the video and bring your thoughts on it! Should be a lively debate!

Keep in mind:

  • We are not here to "convert" anyone to our particular position, belief or theology - only to share with each other where we are on our own journey so that we might learn from many voices.

  • No voice has more authority/importance than another - M.Div's/ThD's are on the same level as laity/armchair theologians. ALL voices are valued in our conversation and must be heard.

As always, come early to enjoy some great Irish food! If the weather and space permits, we look for us on the back patio. So if you don't see us in one of the rooms, check out in the patio!

Ancient-Future Emerging Jesus

Just quick a reminder of this upcoming 4-week class - it begins on Wednesday evening, July 22nd.
Details HERE (includes updated PDF file class syllabus).

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