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i talked with jim palmer a little bit ago and he needs to move our meeting to 7:30am


The BIG weeked of Feb 2

Hey Atlantan Emergents... there are two SE regional events that we are happening the weekend of Feb 1-3, first in Charlotte (with Brian McLaren), second in St. Petersburg (with Tim Keel, Shane Claiborne, and Frank Viola). Both were initiated by their respective local cohort. Both need our support, but they are quite different. From talking to the brainchildren behind both of these, here's my very brief take of the differences:

The Charlotte event- aimed at exposing folks to emerging ideas and particular steps that average existing congregations can take to mobilize people toward kingdom change. The St. Pete event- bringing grass roots and underground thinkers together to think about innovative ways to network and build new kingdom structures. So think of which you'd be able to best contribute to or learn from, check out the two and identify if you're in on one or the other. Both are quite cheap- and so the trick is making the road trip doable, and then many of us can make it to one or the other. If you have a hankering to champion one or the other cause, please be in touch, they are both very grass roots in approach and so you are probably the one to make it happen for Atlanta peeps.

Brian McLaren, Everything Must Change tour, Charlotte, NC

Friday and Saturday, February 1-2, 2008

There is now a special discount code for cohort members (and cohort friends) to attend the "Everything Must Change Tour" with Brian McLaren and Friends in Charlotte:

(NOTE: no e on the end of "emerg")

Here's how it works:

1. Go to http://www.eventbrite.com/event/55393684
2. Click "Enter Discount Code"
3. Enter "emergcohort" (without the quote marks) into the field and click "Apply Discount"
4. You will receive $20 off whatever the current registration rate is

If you register between now and December 15, your registration cost will be $79 ($99 - $20 discount).
After December 15, your registration cost will be $89 ($109 - $20 discount).

Even if you're planning to volunteer -- which I hope everyone will help out in some way as we need lots of volunteers to put on this event! -- please pay to register because all of the registration money is going to Brian and the small team of his friends traveling with him, to cover their expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) for coming to Charlotte.

Any questions? Please give Steve Knight a shout back at knightopia@gmail.com.
And if you wanna organize a ride we'll post a ride meet up separately on the emerging phoenix blog- Troy and Melvin are definitely driving up!

The second great choice:
SouthEast Regional Emerging Conference

Saturday and Sunday, Feb 2-3, 2007

St.Petersburg, FL

Student Price: $20*
Pre-Registration Price: $25
At the Door price: $35

Much like the “going green” catch phrases out there, the word community gets thrown around Christian circles these days as if it’s “going out of style.” The reality is, a truly missional community is far more than the latest hot topic in the church; in fact, it IS the church at its very core. So why does it seem like authentic community is so difficult to find, even when so many churches use the name community in hopes of fostering it? Perhaps something has been lost in translation. This weekend-long conversation will unite the minds of those who are interested in nurturing a simpler, more sustainable faith within their own faith communities.

Expect to hear the thoughts of Shane Claiborne (The Simple Way & author of "The Irresistible Revolution), Frank Viola (Pagan Christianity), Tim Keel (Jacob's Well & author of "Intuitive Leadership"), and others as they lead a holistic discussion on how to practice faith, spirituality, and church in general without the programs and productions that we find stifling the ability for us to simply love one another.

If anyone would like to organize a road trip, let me know and we'll post it on the blog as well. Troy is leading a breakout group that Sunday (flying from Charlotte to St.Pete).

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coffee with author

Grab coffee with Jim Palmer author of Divine Nobodies followed up by his latest book Wide Open Spaces.

“Jim Palmer’s casual, yet compelling writing style cuts through the religious rhetoric and gets to the real issues…readers will love this author! His sense of humor is alternately mixed with shocking sentences and poignant moments. Laced throughout is a refreshing honesty that ties his ideas together with a ribbon of reality…each turn of the page strips away a little more of the contrived mystery of Christianity until the simplicity and sincerity of it stands in realistic splendor.” - Library review

we'll be at octane coffee thursday, dec 13 from 8-10.

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