Of what use is the term Emergent?

It's been a busy month and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. Just in case you were doubting it, we are meeting tonight at 8:00pm at Tilt Room Coffee Shop located in Castleberry Hill in downtown Atlanta (map).

This week we'll be discussing the term "Emergent." Is it still useful, and if so how? If not, what should we call this thing that is happening and that we are participating in? Do we even need a label/name for it?

There is plenty of debate going on in the blogosphere about the term, but the contributions from Scott McKnight, Dan Kimball, and Johnathan Brink are perhaps the most insightful. Also, Andrew Jones has a short history of the debate about the term. And finally, if you are looking for some background into what Emergent means Scott McKnight essay in Christianity Today describing the The Ironic Faith of Emergets is one insiders view on a very diverse movement.

Hope to see you there.

William Cordis

P.S. This is Dan here. I wanted to add more about the supposed "death of emergent" with rich stuff from Andrew Jones:

Emerging Church: The demise of the term since 2004

Now that we have stopped emerging . . .

Emerging Church: You Say Dump It

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