Lent Lecture

Cultural Hermeneutics

Greetings to all!

Our next Atlanta Emergent Cohort meeting will be Tuesday, February 28th from 8-10 PM. This month we will be meeting at Athens Pizza on the corner of N. Decatur and Clairmont, near Emory Univ. Click here for directions. Athens Pizza has great food, so you'll probably want to come hungry!

This cohort will be facilitated by Eric Barreto. Eric is a second-year PhD student in New Testament at Emory. He has worked extensively on the issues of cultural and contextual hermeneutics and will be a wonderful catalyst for a discussion on how our respective subjectivities impact how we read the Bible. Below are the exerpts that Eric would like us all to read prior to the cohort meeting. If you have access to these books go ahead and bring them. Click on the links below to download the PDF versions of these pages.

1. Miguel A. De La Torre, Reading the Bible from the Margins (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2002). This book is more accessible than the other reading. If biblical hermeneutics is a newer concept for you, start with the introduction of this book, pp. 1-35. If you'd like, move on to the second reading.

2. Brian Blount, Cultural Interpretation: Reorienting New Testament Criticism (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995). This reading is more challenging but quite important in the scholarship. If you are already engaged in the conversation revolving around biblical hermeneutics, start here. Read the introduction, pp. 1-23.
Pass this info along to your friends and we will see you at Athens Pizza on the 28th.


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