We ARE Meeting!

Tomorrow night (Tuesday Feb 24) the Atlanta Emergent Cohort will meet for FAT TUESDAY at "The Local" 8-10pm

758 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306-4330
Phone: (404) 873-5002

we'll have beers, a discussion about sin, absolution, and forgiveness... and regular Mardi Gras tomfoolery (we'll even burn some stuff)

We'll write down those things that we want destroyed through Lent's long march through the death of Jesus into the resurrecting hopes of Easter. We'll add those to the sins that folks have written down all over town and burn them saving the ashes for the next day....

SHH ITS SECRET... Flashmob at 5pm for 5 minutes in the MARTA five points station (not little 5 points). An ensemble of musicians will play a Requiem commemorating the death of our sins, fears, and constructed egos. We will mark each other and any other interested public with ashes in the MARTA station. And then, thats it. We'll disappear. Seriously, come join us with as many peeps as you'd like but please please please don't show up at 4:30 asking MARTA cops where the "ash wednesday service is" :)

Help spread the word about flASHrequiem: visit www.flashrequiem.com and join the facebook group.

No Cohort on Tuesday Night. Rather a Requiem on Wednesday!


Just a note to say that this Tuesday night, we shalln't be convening as usual at Tilt for cohort. Instead, we'd love to invite everyone to come join us for a Flash Requiem on Wednesday instead.

Interested? Read on! Also make sure to add Flash as your Facebook friend for more updates as we lead into Wednesday.

We'll be back next month at our regular time and place.


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New "Suburban" Cohort!

A group of us Atlanta Cohort attendees from Marietta and Kennesaw finally had a "light bulb moment" as we were talking last time about "new things". We have known quite a few others back in our stomping grounds that would be interested in the Emergent conversation but just couldn't quite hack the long drive to downtown Atlanta. So, we thought we might try a Cohort "branch" in Marietta! We will be launching our first conversation on Tuesday, March 10th, at Johnnie MacCracken's Irish Pub off the Marietta Square! Check out our blog page at http://cobbgathering.wordpress.com/! If you know any people up this way looking to join in the Emergent conversation, send them our way!

About Us

You're a part of a bigger conversation, a bigger story of God's creation unfolding and realizing it's Creator's dreams in the clue of Jesus. Gather monthly to re-imagine how we can best participate locally in this conversation, story, dreams. This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments: to God in the way of Jesus, to the Church in all its Forms, to God's World, and to One Another. This is a theological conversation for any practitioners in the way of Jesus.

What is Emergent?

If you are interested in learning more about the larger movement we are a local expression of, visit Emergent Village.