Interfaith Friendship

As promised we will be having a conversation about interfaith friendship tomorrow night (Oct. 28) at 8:00pm at Tilt Room Coffee Shop located in Castleberry Hill in downtown Atlanta (map). I'm happy to announce that we will be joined by several members of the local Muslim community. I invite you to read and/or listen to the resources below and come learn more about building friendships.


A Common Word

A Christian Response to A Common Word

Your Scripture Meets Mine by Miroslav Volf

Cherishing the Gold of the Golden Rule
by Samir Selmanovic

Finding God in the Other by Samir Selmanovic (Emergent Village Podcast)

We hope to see you there

William Cordis

P.S. Here's an article by Professor Abdullahi An'Na-im of Emory Law School who will be joining us: RELIGION AND GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY:INHERENT INCOMPATIBILITY OR SYNERGY AND INTERDEPENDENCE?

Interfaith Conversations

As we talked about last Tuesday, the emergent conversation is very young. Despite what's been accomplished so far we have a lot to learn about how to involve more people in the conversation and to deal with challenges to the generative nature of the conversation. In an effort to do that next months conversation (Oct. 28) will include a number of people involved in interfaith work between Muslims and Christians. We'll post more details and the location as we get closer.

To kick of the conversation and get to know the landscape a little bit better we plan to go to a movie with some new friends from the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. We have 25 free tickets to see the October 4, 4:50pm showing of Allah Made Me Funny at the Midtown Art Cinema These tickets are free as part of a generous donation to the 20,000 Dialogues project. If you plan on coming please send an email with your name and how many are coming here.

I'll be updating this post with additional information as the weekend gets closer. If you know of anyone who should be part of our upcoming conversation please invite them to come to the movie and to our Oct. 28 meeting. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via the email link above. We look forward to seeing you this weekend.


William Cordis

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