Interfaith Friendship

As promised we will be having a conversation about interfaith friendship tomorrow night (Oct. 28) at 8:00pm at Tilt Room Coffee Shop located in Castleberry Hill in downtown Atlanta (map). I'm happy to announce that we will be joined by several members of the local Muslim community. I invite you to read and/or listen to the resources below and come learn more about building friendships.


A Common Word

A Christian Response to A Common Word

Your Scripture Meets Mine by Miroslav Volf

Cherishing the Gold of the Golden Rule
by Samir Selmanovic

Finding God in the Other by Samir Selmanovic (Emergent Village Podcast)

We hope to see you there

William Cordis

P.S. Here's an article by Professor Abdullahi An'Na-im of Emory Law School who will be joining us: RELIGION AND GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY:INHERENT INCOMPATIBILITY OR SYNERGY AND INTERDEPENDENCE?

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  1. # Blogger Samir

    Hello friends,

    Let me know how the conversation went. If one of you wants to write a little report and include a picture, we would love to post it on www.faithhousemanhattan.org

    Salaam and Peace of Christ,


  2. # Blogger Steve K.

    I'd love to cross-post it on the Emergent Village blog ;-)


  3. # Blogger Jeff

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  4. # Blogger Jeff

    Great conversation last night! I think it is vital to shift the emphasis from "orthodoxy" to "orthopraxy" - from dialog to action. It is in LIVING our practices out TOGETHER that we will discover commonalities in our faith. Conversation and friendships will organically form on this level ground. Just a quick Google search found this as a starting point:
    Who's game to check this out with me?  

  5. # Blogger Jeff

    I found this online resource, too:

    Let's put some FEET on this!  

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