Organic Community

We will be meeting this month to discuss Joe Myer's book, Organic Community.

Those of you who are forming new approaches to leadership or are starting new small groups or starting new congregations/monasteries/what-have-you will appreciate Joe's approach through understanding the difference in organizational behavior that is "master plan" driven and one that is "organic" leading to connections within transformative communities.

Here's a chart found in his book that teases out the difference in approaches.

So buy/barrow/steal the book today so you have time to read it. It is not long (170pgs) but you won't be able to do it over your lunch the day of.

We will meet at Tilt on the last Tuesday of the month, August 26, from 8-10pm.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As I looked through the posts here on this site, I was wondering regarding this whole "emergence" phenomenon...Are you looking to conform the Biblical message to modern social norms...or are you interested in conforming societal norms to Biblical standards? I see a lot of experimentation with liturgical practice...monastic prayer and other traditions of the early Church...but do you understand the "theos" behind these things? I mean no disrespect in any way, but am curious as to why there seems to be a lack of a represented "credo" or theological ethos to your movement.

    Thank you for your time.

    Pax Christi,

    Rev. Friar Darren "Seraphim" Simpson, Benedictine Tertiary Monastic (Company of Jesus)

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