some local pots to stir

We will meet at TILT ROOM again, in Castleberry Hills, this Tuesday March 25, from 8-10pm.

We have two major events this summer in July, and a third in the fall and need to develop some strategies for them this month. We especially need folks to design logos, get things to printers, set up web sites and registration, get them listed in the right places like free papers and clubs/bars/churches/whatever.

the two July things are:

July 18,19 Re-Connect featuring Shayne Claiborne and the Jesus for President Tour.

July 27 (note the date is not friday the 25th as first planed) The Church Basement Roadshow, Featuring Mark Scandrett, Tony Jones, and Doug Pagitt.

Both are being held in Atlanta. We are co-sponsoring the re-connect event and we are the ones to pull off the Church Basement Roadshow Event.

We will need to discuss venue and purpose and buy-in. I think we need to ask the same critical questions we have been along the way- "what will this generate in terms of the kingdom of God?" We have INnocence Atlanta as a partner in the first event and who knows how we'll approach the second event- perhaps a concert/art show.

The ReCONNECT eventsite is being built. here are the details until then.

What would happen it 300 drastically different people from inside Atlanta decided to risk building relationships with other followers of Jesus to generate justice in our city?

Some of us in Atlanta, seeking the beloved community in the Jesus Way, but in very different organizations and contexts got to dreaming... After dreaming, and after enjoying some coffee together we decided that this should happen more often and with more folks. So we decided to attempt two little things. We called a couple folks, had a few meetings, got the help of a few other folks and now your in the loop with us.

re:CONNECT is a one time event invented to accomplish these two simple things. After we're done we'll pack up our tents and you'll never hear from us again ('kinda like eHarmony for faith and action). We're sure that many folks have already met, and that there are already great organizations and networks underway- we just wanted to do our part to stir it up a bit more. Oh, and we have the help of some great friends of city justice, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw. Our two things are:

1. to connect Christians to hands-on justice opportunities in the Atlanta area
2. to set up generative friendships between Christians who live and worship inside Atlanta.

partners and contributers

Our third event is a SE cohort regional gathering.

We have other cohorts from as far away as Charlotte, Raleigh, Tampa, and Nashville who would like to join us and who feel Atlanta is a good middle point. The GATHERING idea has happened for 7 years in New Mexico and is less an emergent church attractional or education event, and more about being with folks in similar walks of life/ministry and making time together for a few days.

It has included preparing much of our food from scratch. Playing games. Sharing poetry and music. Doing Yoga and taking walks through the woods. That kind of stuff.

One key for us in the south, since this will be our first attempt at this we want to be intentional about shaping this for who we hope to be our colleagues over the years to come. This means being intentional about the traction an event like this could hold with the African American community in the south, perhaps the Neo-Soul community?

We will talk about the fall gathering as a third priority as the first two must be wrapped up soon!

If you have thoughts on how to organize our time or themes and ideas to focus our project, feel free to pipe in and to take on as much leadership as you'd like.


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