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On February 26, 2008 a group called A Future Not A Past formerly known as Georgians Against Child Prostitution and Trafficking, sent this. The folks at Innocence Atlanta gave a positive reference for this group's efforts. Now, as with any kind of public policy advocacy, spreading the word, contacting your representative, and setting up key contacts between city influencers and their representatives is key. So consider how you can make the most of this challenge.

Stop the Prostitution of Children in Georgia

A Weekly Advocacy Update from the 2008 session of the Georgia General

Advocacy Update #6 2009 Budget Process Slows

The House has not yet made decisions about the 2009 budget where we
are seeking $560,000 for a regional assessment center to serve
commercially sexually exploited adolescent girls.
The House Human Resources subcommittee who oversees this project has
now heard testimony from both the Department of Human Resources
Commissioner and the public. Final decisions will be reached on the
House recommendations in the next two weeks. It is critical that each
and every subcommittee member understands the importance of full
funding for a regional assessment center to serve prostituted girls
and feels our support as they stand up for what is right.
Continue to talk with your House member and the subcommittee members
(in some cases, assistants' email addresses are listed).

Rep. Mark Butler (Carrolton - 18th Dist.) / 404 653 2246 /

Rep. Jeff May (Monroe - 111th Dist.) / 404 656 5105 / debbie.redd@house.ga.gov

Rep. Buddy Carter (Pooler - 159th Dist) / 404 656 0213 / bcarter331@aol.com

Rep. Keith Heard (Athens - 114th Dist.) / 404 656 0220 /

Rep. Jerry Keen (St Simon's - 179th Dist.) / 404 656 5052 /

Rep. Judy Manning (Marietta - 32nd Dist.) / 404 656 7868 /

Rep. Bobby Reese (Sugar Hill - 98th Dist.) / 404 656 0254 /

Rep. Len Walker (Loganville - 107th Dist.) / 404 656 5139 / lwalker@nfumc.org

Rep. Stan Watson (Decatur - 91st Dist.) / 404 656 0220 / stan_watson@matria.com

Rep. Chuck Sims (Ambrose - 169th Dist.) / 404 656 0287 /

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (Decatur - 83rd Dist.) / 404 656 0265 /

Rep. Larry O'Neal (Bonaire - 146th Dist.) / 404 656 5103 /

Rep. Richard Royal (Camilla - 171st Dist.) / 404 656 0265 /

Rep. Penny Houston (Nashville - 170th Dist.) / 404 656 0202 /

I will keep you posted as more and better information becomes available.
Onwards and upwards!

Find Your Legislator

email: janice@afuturenotapast.org
phone: 404 805 5134
web: http://www.afuturenotapast.org
"A Future. Not A Past." is the new campaign to end child prostitution
in Georgia (formerly known as Georgians Against Child Prositution and

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  1. # Blogger Ed

    This looks promising. As this is an e-mail template that will be sent around to hopefully many Georgians, mobilizing them to contact their local representatives, I think more information and links to a coalition of resources on the topic would be helpful.

    In addition, to whoever forwards this e-mail onward, a short explanation as to why it is, in fact, crucial and sound policy to fund a regional assessment center (as opposed to, say, allocating that funding for something else that might also help combat the problem of trafficked persons in Atlanta) would be helpful.

    It's exciting to track this movement and see if Atlanta will be set afire with a passion to seek justice in our local community.  

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