taste and see

Cohort member Jason Malec recently commissioned 10 artists to paint 3 pieces, each inspired by the Starting Point materials (which is a book they use at North Point to lead people through the story of God). They chose 20 of those works and are putting them on display at North Point for the next two months. Attached is an invitation to “taste and see” these works at an informal gallery drop-in we’re holding on four nights in November (1, 3, 15, 17). You’re welcome to extend this invitation to anyone and everyone in the emergent community. (Invitation attached)

The art is quite moving, and we’ll be setting up video ipods with each artist talking about their pieces. So, come out and join us for the celebration! If you or others decide to join us, please rsvp here.

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  1. # Blogger Bosco Mazarrasa

    Caramba que sorpresa tan agradable.
    La pura ciber-casualidad me ha llevado hasta este blog, sorprendente.  

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