Imagining a God Who May Be

Tomorrow's cohort meeting will be held from 8-10 PM at Cantina La Casita in East Atlanta Village.

We will be discussing the philosophy of Richard Kearney from last week's Emergent Philosophical Conversation in Philadelphia with Kearney and Jack Caputo. This should be an invigorating conversation about the work of one of the preeminent philosophers in the world today.

Below are two articles that you should read before coming to the cohort gathering.

"The God Who May Be"

"Enabling God"

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  1. # Blogger Susannah

    Is there any way that notes from this meeting could be circulated or posted? Or could the topic be revisited another time (when I'm not in the middle of writing papers)? I really wish I could be there tomorrow, just as I wish I could have been in Phila. for the conference. Richard Kearney is someone I studied with in Boston, but actually never discussed the theological implications of his work with him.  

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