Any Requests & Links

I'm working on just trying to clean up the design of this blog a bit, and I'm wondering if anyone has any requests for specific things they'd like to see on this blog.

Also, if you have a blog, please leave the URI in a comment here so it can be included, as well as how you'd like your name to appear. For example:

Adam Walker Cleaveland

Thanks - and be sure to leave us some feedback!

12 Responses to “Any Requests & Links”

  1. # Blogger Caroline

    Looking better already! Thanks--  

  2. # Blogger Doug


    I would like to add my blog to the list of bloggers and be listed as a contributer. My blog address is: http://pmeducator.blogspot.com/ but I am not sure how to add at.

    The change looks good!  

  3. # Blogger Doug


    I would like to add my blog to the list of bloggers and be listed as a contributer. My blog address is: http://pmeducator.blogspot.com/ but I am not sure how to add at.

    The change looks good!  

  4. # Blogger Tim

    Please add my blog too.
    Tim Honse

  5. # Anonymous David

    oooh, oooh, me too!
    Thanks, liking the new look. Although I miss the black a little.  

  6. # Blogger Melvin Bray

    I'll take a piece of that action!

    Melvin Bray

    As somewhat of an aside, I'd like to invite each of you parents, parents-2-b and/or youth-workers to contribute to the Kid Cultivators-Emergent story project. It's all about how we might better communicate the biblical narrative to our progeny in light of our emerging sensibilities.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

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