Scot McKnight's book: Emergence and Atonement

We will meet this month on the usual last Tuesday, Sept 26 at 5 Seasons Brewing, located in the Prado on Roswell Road (for you Northies to get there), from 8-10 pm.

Emergent Village has begun a publishing cooperation with Abingdom Press for book in Emergent Theology. The first book of that series, By Scot McKinght, is attached in draft form for The Atlanta Cohort to review. We will start the discussion next week, September 26, and you are encouraged to begin reading the attached parts. We will guide September's introductory discussion around the Prologue and Part 1: "Atonement and Emergence: Where Are We?" Anyone is welcome to join us, read what you can and be a part of making this book happen.

The full discussion with guests from Abingdon Press and free drinks (from Abingdon) will be in October, earlier in the month, Tuesday October 17th location TBA.

Our input from both conversations will be sent back to McKight & Abingdon and reflected in the final edits of the book.

There is a Prologue and Five Parts, please download them in PDF form below, and erase them when we are done on th 17th (so pay good attention and rememer what you can). They will not be available after October 17, and we have been asked not to post contents of the book yet or to pass it along to anyone. The published manuscript is due to be out in 2007 (so be fair and be patient).
Down load them from this sight.

Lastly, if yo have a recording devise that we can use to record September's conversation for Abingdon and for folks interested in listenning in before October's mtg, please let Troy know and bring it.

see you there!

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  1. # Blogger kevin beck

    Anyone headed to Glorietta? I'm looking forward o seeing you there.  

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