Summer Sabbatical

We are (have been) taking a summer sabbatical. Look for news of a next meeting in September. Also expect some changes to the site for you to post your own comments and generate topics for future meetings.

Last, we will change our meeting times to evenings this fall (probably tues,wed or thurs).

Meanwhile visit the emergent-us blog for updates on the emergent conversation.

courage, peace, and beauty in Jesus,


3 Responses to “Summer Sabbatical”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Wolfe

    I know it is tough to coordinate groups of people I would love to see a tues or thurs meeting. Look forward to gathering with everyone  

  2. # Blogger Melvin Bray

    I too sympathize with the challenge of bringing people together. Take your rest. I look forward to meeting you guys when things start up again.

    I have just finished A New Kind of Christian. I was blown away. It feels so encouraging to hear that God is doing similar things in the hearts and lives of others. It's great to have others to share the adventure with.  

  3. # Blogger Terry

    I just moved from Albany NY to LaGrange GA. I was involved in a emergent group that had started meeting about a year ago (www.noshoesrequired.org). After arriving in LaGrange, I found another group that is going to be starting a emergent type gathering. We will begin meeting in September - such an exciting time!

    I'm looking forward to making it up to Atlanta the next time you have cohort gathering.  

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