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We had a great meeting last Monday. Jake should be posting some reports from that but anyone is welcome to pipe in about what was helpful.

From everyone's feedback we will be meeting on the last Tuesday of each month from 8-10pm, locations to be determined each month. The next two months will cover the arts and community. For Jan-June we are looking to cover religion & postmodern philosophy, urban renewal, holistic youth ministry, and racial reconciliation in Atlanta.

October 25th we will be discussing the redemptive use of the arts. Go ahead now and order Jeremy Begbie's "Beholding the Glory: Incarnation through the Arts" and read chapter one, "Through the Arts: Hearing, Seeing, and Touching the Truth" by Trevor Hart. You will find the book in most theological libraries and can get it for $13 from Amazon. I'm still working on lining up a good conversation partner or two for us on this. But be sure and pass this along to the artists in your midst.

November 29th (fifth Tuesday of that month, after thanksgiving), Steve Hayner, Professor of Evangelism at Columbia Theological Seminary and former president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be facilitating a discussion on the topic of "Community." More about the November meeting in November.

Also be sure to check out the Paste Rock-N-Reel Festival , October 22,23 in Decatur. Amazing artists of all sorts... and not unrelated from our topic of discussion this month!

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  1. # Blogger Pat

    Unfortunately the last Tuesday of the month will be hard for me. I'll be there when I can--hungry for the conversation!  

  2. # Blogger Tim

    What if we haven't gotten to read? (I am asking this for others who have not read of course, I do not mean me...) Let me know if I need to make other plans for Tuesday night. Just kidding.  

  3. # Blogger Tim

    Um, I mean, let THEM know if THEY need to make other plans, not me...  

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