community and neo-monastics

Happy Thanksgiving week! The Atlanta Emergent Cohort will be meeting next Tuesday, November 29th, from 8-10pm, to discuss "community" with Steve Hayner, Professor of Evangelism at Columbia Seminary and former director of InterVarsity. We will be paying particular attention to the practices of intentional communities known as new monasticism. There are three great articles to inform you on this. The primary article we will follow is from Christian Century. Do you best to read this before you arrive.

For those eager for extra reading: another there's another helpful article in Christian Century, and a third providing a more historical survey of monasticism.

We will meet in historic Cabbage Town, a neighborhood just east of Turner Field. We have space reserved at Carroll Street Cafe. They have delicious and affordable tapas and desserts.

'Hope to see you there.

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  1. # Blogger Pat

    Looking forward to it! See you there!  

  2. # Blogger Caroline

    Thank you so much for this evening. I leave the cohort feeling inspired and hopeful. It is so refreshing to see life in our city.  

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